Virtual Phone Numbers: Say Hello To Your New Life
Virtual Phone Numbers: Say Hello To Your New Life

Communication is at the centre of everything we do. It’s how we express ourselves and let the other person know what we’re thinking and how we’re thinking. Who remembers the days of hearing the dial-tone when you picked up the phone? Better yet, remember when three-way calling was a big deal and you couldn’t wait to chat about the day with your friends?

Anyone from the nineties era, please raise your hand. (raises hand emoji) Communication has definitely come a long way since the first telephone was invented, and now texting and calling on WhatsApp is just as commonplace as breathing. Apps such as WhatsApp,

Viber and Telegram are some of the most popular calling apps in the world-but they all lack one thing, offline communication. Enter the world of Virtual Phone Numbers First, what is a virtual number? A virtual phone number is a number that can exist without a sim card. A virtual phone number is hosted within an app.

Virtual phone numbers are real mobile phone numbers that allow you to send and receive calls/messages, without giving out your main personal number. The calls and messages sent to a virtual phone Number are received by the BeMobile app over Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Getting a Virtual Phone Number is easy, all you need is to download the BeMobile app and buy a virtual phone number of your choice. BeMobile offers virtual phone numbers from the U.S., U.K. and Canada.

Source: BeMobile Dashboard(pictured), BeMobile
Now you might be wondering, why should I choose BeMobile over other calling apps that are free? Unlike Whatsapp that needs both users to be online, the BeMobile app only requires the caller (person initiating the call) to be online. The person receiving the call does not need to have a smartphone. A feature phone can receive these calls from a BeMobile virtual number.

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So how does BeMobile fit into your life?

BeMobile: The app that helps you manage all your lives. Work. Dating. Social. Family.

The BeMobile app allows each user to have up to 4 virtual phone numbers. This means you can use each number to manage a different aspect of your life. All the virtual phone numbers are hosted within the app.

Source: BeMobile

You can use the app to make international calls for your business as an entrepreneur, or to call important clients at your full-time job. When international clients receive a call, they are more likely to answer when they see a familiar area code. Eg. A British client being called with a UK number


When most people join dating apps, they would prefer to enjoy their privacy and not use their personal number. Additionally, dating apps require a phone number for verification purposes. Having a BeMobile virtual phone number solves all these problems.


The BeMobile app caters to social media users and gamers as well. You can open a second WhatsApp/Telegram account or connect the number to any popular gaming site, for verification purposes.


With families spread across the world and international calling rates on the rise, staying in touch can become difficult. BeMobile offers longer talktimes with cheaper price tags. Did you know you could call the US for $1 and get 500 minutes of talktime? It’s incredible! You can call anywhere in the world, at any time with BeMobile. Join the conversation and reach out to us to find out more.

Further Information:

Purchase a BeMobile number for $2.99(Android users) or $3.49(iOS users)
Download the app today:
Available on Play Store and the App Store

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